Fused Glass Paints

Fused glass paints can really add your own unique design to glass.

Let’s learn how to apply them and fuse them into your glass piece.

There are a lot of fused glass paints made especially for painting on glass. Glass painting is generally done on any smooth glass surface.

Some paints come premixed, while others are in powder form and need to be mixed with a liquid before usage.

They both come in a rainbow of colors and can be diluted with a medium to try different procedures and techniques.

This page will discuss a couple of these paints.

But first let’s discuss the process and workplace requirements.


Glass painting means creating designs through applying and the firing of different pigments, powdered or liquid glass paints into a glass surface.

Paints are applied wet.

Sometimes there are separate paint application and firings to achieve your desired results.

This is not like other forms of painting, where you can apply layers of paint.

In glass painting, you need to keep the paint thin and gradually apply, so that it can allow light to pass through the painted areas.

Workplace Requirements

You will want to have a light box in your workspace.

This will allow you to place your pieces of glass on top and see if the light can filter through the paint.

It also helps if you are tracing a design onto glass.

Try to keep your work space free of any dust or other particles.

Use a dust mask or fume trap in the area if mixing powdered paints.

A sink or water source is also good to have close by for mixing and cleaning the paint.

You will of course need a kiln that fires to at least 1250 degrees Fahrenheit to fire your glass pieces.

fused glass paints


Glassline Paints

Glassline is a name of a line of paints designed to be fired on or between layers of glass.

It is can be used with most types of glass, including float, 90 COE and 96 COE.

They recommend that you “tack fuse” individual sheets of glass before stacking your full fuse.

You can purchase small metal tips for fine line drawings.

It can also be used to airbrush or spray a design on glass.

For this method, Glassline should be thinned with water.

It can be fired to any desired temperature, but they suggest it is best fired to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Shake the bottle well to mix the paint before use.

It can be clean and thin with water.

This is a lead free and food safe product.

It is made by Clay Art Center in Tacoma, Washington.

Here is a couple of examples of using this type of paint on glass:

  • Painting on Glass with Glassline
  • Hand Painted Fused Glass

  • Traditional Glass Paints

    These paints have been used for ages in antique stained glass windows.

    These come in a multitude of colors, most are muted shades of earth tone hues.

    Experiment by purchasing small containers of the paints at first.

    The most popular paint colors made by Reusche are Tracing Black, Bistre Brown, and Umber Brown.

    These can be fired in the kiln at temperatures that range from 1150 degrees Fahrenheit to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit.

    A binder is added to the powder to help the paint stick to the glass surface without beading up.

    The binder of choice for most glass painters is Gum Arabic.

    Once you have mixed the binder and powder, it is time to add a liquid to the mixture.

    These paints need to have the correct wetness and hardness.

    If mixed too thick, the paint will not flow.

    If the paint is too wet it may not be rich enough.

    The most common liquids to mix with the paint are: water, white vinegar and alcohol.

    Other Paint Types

    You might want to investigate other fused glass paints.

    Silver stains and transparent or opaque enamels are types of paints that have their own distinctive sets of appliances and firing requirements.

    There are also paints that can be used on glass after it has been fired. Pebeo Vitrea paint is cured inside a conventional oven.

    Take a look at some of the methods used with this paint:

  • Glass Painting with Pebeo Vitrea Paints
  • Embossing and Painting Fused Glass

  • These many fused glass paints will help you add detail and design to your fused glass pieces.

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