Stand Up Fused Glass Molds

This is something really new and inventive in the category of fused glass molds.

With these oddly shaped ceramic molds it is now possible to add a new dimension to your fused glass artwork.

Molds come in many shapes and sizes, but these are really unique.

This fused glass mold is called a “Stand Up Mold”.

3-Dimensional shapes can now be added to your glass fusing experience.

Using these distinctive shaped molds makes it possible to create and design stand up figures like animals or people.

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The top part of the form is flat, which will support the top half of your figure.

The bottom of the mold has alternating sections that bend upward and backward.

This alternating pattern allows the piece to assume a standing position with this support.

Make figures that have four legs, two legs, or two figures with two legs each.

Alternate the glass leg sections in the various sections of the mold.

The possibilities with these forms are absolutely infinite. There are some templates provided on line, but you can also design and create your own pattern.

Use the online template of the mold, or make a template using the mold.

As always when using molds, be sure to kiln wash before using this product inside the kiln.

A good kiln washing will enable you to remove your fused piece after firing.

Currently these molds can be located at Delphi Glass - Art Glass Tools & Supplies.

They are presently listed on the other molds page or on the home page, click on the new items tab.

They have a user manual that can be viewed on line.

These stand up forms come in various sizes, 4.5 inches, 6 inches, 7 inches and 12 inches.

The price varies depending on the size you purchase.

Determine what projects you desire to make and purchase the product that supports your individual needs.

Scottie pattern on template made from mold.

fused glass molds, ceramic mold, fused glass mold, molds

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