Fused Glass Links to Accessories

The Fused Glass Links page will house all of the links for fusing supplies, glass sources and all the little accessories that you are looking for in your glass fusing experience.

When purchasing materials or looking for glass fusing sources, you want excellent prices, quality products and tremendous service.

Check out the links below and see what supplies and merchandise can be purchased for your individual fusing needs.

As new sources are listed on the site, links to the websites will be placed on this page.

Check back often to find new links to enhance your fusing experience.

Simply click on the picture or written link to open the pages to these resources.

fused glass links, fusing supplies, glass sources, accessories

Art Glass Supplies - Searching on line there are a ton of places where you can purchase glass fusing supplies and materials. Delphi Glass and Dick Blick are great sources of your glass fusing supplies, of which I am an Affiliate. Check out the page to see the items that they offer on their sites.

glass fusing techniques, fused glass instructions, how to fuse glass, glass fusing instructions

Glass Fusing Techniques - This page will link to DVDs and book that will assist individuals in learning all of the techniques necessary to accomplish various procedures. If you are new to glass fusing, or have the basic of fused glass accomplished, this page will supply you with books and DVDs to assist you in furthering your education.

fused glass links, fusing supplies, glass sources, accessories

Warm Glass T-shirts - Wearing shirts that shows others how enthusiastic you are about your craft and tells others that this is what you do. If you are selling your artwork, sporting a t-shirt about fused glass will not only draw attention to your artwork, but will be a great conversation starter. The page also includes a logging book to keep track of all the fusing procedures that you attempt and miscellaneous items like coffee mugs, and stickers.

fused glass links, fusing supplies, glass sources, accessories

Fused Glass Store - Looking for a local store that meets all of your glass fusing supplies and needs? This is a look inside a store that is located close to my location. Not only is it loaded with lots of fun and exciting supplies, but the staff is the most inspirational and helpful team you could find anywhere. Be sure to click on the video at the bottom to really peer inside the store.

fused glass links, fusing supplies, glass sources, accessories

Review a Store/Class - Have you found a store or class that you would like to share with others? It isn’t always easy to find places where you can either take a class or purchase some supplies, when you are first starting out on your adventure of glass fusing. Help others find these sources by submitting some fused glass links in this area.

fused glass links, fusing supplies, glass sources, accessories

Glass Fusing Books - What do others say about the books that are on the market? Want to find the best books on the glass fusing methods? There are only a few fused glass links to books listed on the page, because they are by far the best books you can find on the subject.

fused glass links, fusing supplies, glass sources, accessories

Magazines and Catalogs - Open your fusing world by subscribing to magazines and catalogs that keep you up to date on the latest procedures, materials and processes in glass fusing. Have the news delivered to your mailbox on a regular basis.

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