Fused Glass Lace

Fused glass lace can add such elegance to a piece of fused glass art.

I have placed this in the intermediate project group, because by now you should have a greater understanding of how glass moves as it is fused.

To begin this project, decide which shape you would like for your lace.

You don’t have to make round lace, with this method, you can make any design you desire.

Because of all the holes and gaps, the final piece might be a little unstable to leave as is...try fusing it onto or into another piece to make the design more firm and permanent.

The bottom pictures shows how I used this piece to fuse onto some clear glass and then into a bowl mold.

fused glass lace

Use a piece of cardboard, plastic or other material and cut out your shape.

This piece will not be fired in the kiln and is used only as a stencil.

If you are going to be using this piece in another project, be aware of the dimensions of this shape.

fused glass lace

Prepare your kiln shelf with kiln paper or kiln wash.

Place your stencil on the prepare shelf and pour some glass powder or frit into the center of the stencil shape.

Use your finger tip to push the frit around until you get your desired design.

Free form some shapes and be sure to leave some openings.

Make sure that all the frit is touching or you will have loose tiny pieces when you are finished.

Frit is thin and can be fired quickly.

There is no need to worry about thermal shock by firing too fast with this thin glass.

Bring your kiln up to about 1425 degrees Fahrenheit and observe the piece closely.

fused glass lace

Over firing this piece will produce larger holes.

For a more delicate lacy look, keep an eye on your piece and turn off the kiln when you have achieved the desired look.

Since these pieces are delicate, you will want to add them to another piece of glass for stability.

Once you have fused them with another piece of glass, they can be slumped, draped, or put into a drop ring.

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