Fused Glass Dots

Fused glass dots are a super way of using all those scrap pieces of glass.

When looking for a way to use up all that scrap glass, turn them into dots or glass globs.

Never waste any of your fusing glass, its too expensive!

Even the smallest piece can be fused into a dot!

These can be used to accent pieces, or make designs, and making them is so simple.

I used some of my dots to make ladybugs to put on some pieces.

Use dots as eyes like on this frog.

These can be painted and re-fused or left on their own to add to other pieces.

Make cute tiny noses with dots.

The scrap glass projects possibilities are endless.

Making Fused Glass Dots

These tiny dots are fantastic to add to future projects as accent pieces.

They are simple to make and help to use up those odd pieces of scrap glass.


  • Scrap glass
  • Kiln
  • Kiln Shelf
  • Fiber paper or kiln wash
  • To make small glass dots for decorating purposes, use your scrap glass.

    I save even the tiniest pieces of glass for making decorating glass dots.

    Spread your glass pieces on your prepared glass shelf.

    Make sure that none of the glass pieces are touching.

    Heat up your kiln to a full fuse at about 1435 degrees Fahrenheit.

    This will produce nice rounded pieces of glass.

    Once you have cooled these down to room temperature, you can use them on future projects.

    When using these dots on future projects, be sure that there is no kiln wash on the back of the dot.

    Kiln wash can keep the piece from fusing onto another piece of glass, or worse yet, it can seep around the edge and leave an ugly white substance on the piece.

    Try using a grinder or diamond drill bit to remove any kiln wash from the dot.

    Making Fused Glass Globs

    A glob is a larger glass dot.

    These are great for pendants, or cabochons.

    You can make these in one layer, two layers or three layers of glass.

    To make the round, you will need to cut your glass as follows:

  • 1 layer glob – cut a ½ inch square
  • 2 layer glob – cut ½ inch to ¾ inch squares
  • 3 layer glob – cut 1 inch squares (these will spread)
  • Try taking a ½ inch square and center a ¼ inch square on top of it.

    Bring this to a full fuse and you will get a dot in the center of your glob.

    If this is fired again to a full fuse, the ¼ inch square will return to a square, but the ½ inch square will stay round.

    Whether making fusible glass dots or globs, don't waste all that expensive fusing glass.

    These dots and globs make great scrap glass projects that can be used on future endeavors.

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