Fused Glass Christmas Ornaments

Well, it is that time of year again, and time to make some fused glass Christmas ornaments.

These are simple to make, especially if you purchase pre-cut fusible glass designs.

Precut fusible glass comes in numerous designs, including fused glass Christmas ornaments.

The most popular for Christmas are the stocking, Christmas tree, and gingerbread man.

You can cut your own designs and make these fused pieces.

If this is your desire, check out the page on Fused Glass Christmas .

This page has links to other pages with patterns for cutting out your own designs using a glass saw.

Precut fusible glass pieces make the task a lot easier.

These ornaments will make great additions to your own Christmas tree, or can be personalized and given as Christmas gifts.


  • Precut shape or your own cut design
  • Stringers, confetti, frit, Glassline paint or other pieces for decoration
  • Glass glue
  • Glass cleaner
  • High temperature wire
  • Kiln wash or shelf paper

  • Decide on the design you are going to make.

    Cut out your pieces of glass, or purchase some pre-cut shapes. Clean your glass with glass cleaner.

    Use a soft lint-free cloth to dry these pieces, being careful not to leave any finger prints.

    Cut and shape the high temperature wire.

    Situate the wire so that the melting glass will encase the wire in the piece.

    If you are planning on adding these pieces to another piece, then skip adding the high temperature wire.

    Apply kiln wash or cut shelf paper to fit your shelf.

    Place shelf inside kiln on shelf supports.

    Arrange pieces on the prepared kiln shelf.

    Hold pieces by the edge to avoid leaving finger prints on glass.

    Be sure pieces are overlapping so that they will fuse together.

    If putting more than one project in the kiln, leave at least ½ inch space between each design.

    This space will ensure that your individual projects don’t meet and fuse together.

    Using a little glue, add some design elements to your piece. Try using frit, stringers, confetti or other pieces of glass to accent and arrange your design.

    Use different colors of Glassline paint to draw designs or make dots on your piece.

    Once you have your pieces arranged it is time to fire up the kiln.

    Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, you will now decide if you want to do a full fuse or a tack fuse.

    If doing small 2 layer project, you are pretty safe to set the kiln on the highest setting and bringing it up to your fusing stage.

    Once you have the desired look, vent the kiln to 1100 degrees Fahrenheit, shut off the kiln and allow it to come to room temperature naturally.

    Please note: A kiln that has thick fire bricks and cools down slowly can be turned off and allowed to cool down to room temperature.

    If the kiln is a ceramic fiber kiln, it will need to cool down at a pace of not faster than about 300 degrees Fahrenheit per hour.

    Leave the kiln unopened and allow your piece to have plenty of time to anneal to room temperature.

    Once your kiln is at room temperature, you can safely open the kiln and remove the pieces.

    Rough edges can be smoothed using a grinder or file.

    If using a grinder or file, you may need to clean and re-fire the piece to polish any edges.

    These pieces can now be hung as adorable fused glass Christmas ornaments.

    If you have not added the high temperature wire, then you can turn these into charming Christmas pins, or add them to another piece and slump into a mold.

    Fused glass Christmas ornaments don't have to be difficult to make.

    Try adding some of these pre-cut fusible designs to your pieces.

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