Fused Glass Christmas Decoration

Crimson Red Poinsettias

One of the most delightful fused glass Christmas decorations during the Christmas season is the poinsettia. The most familiar color choice is the intense, vibrant red, but these also come in a variety of colors. Some of the array of colors are: white, pink, yellow and even a light orange.

Lustrous, blazing and crimson red, Poinsettias are called ‘Flame Leaf” or 'Flower of the Holy Night'. This flower was brought to the United States over 100 years ago by the first US ambassador to Mexico, Dr. Joel Poinsett. While the folklore comes from Mexico, most of these flowers in American cities come from California. This Christmas flower is said to symbolize the intense love for Christ.

Materials List:

  • Pattern
  • Card stock
  • Permanent marker
  • Beeswax or Chap Stick
  • Red glass (or your preferred color)
  • Dots (in your preferred color)
  • Glass saw
  • Glass cleaner
  • Fiber paper
  • Prepared kiln shelf
  • Kiln
  • Glasses with IR and UV protection
  • Two part Epoxy (optional)
  • Pin back (optional)

  • 1. Print and cut out the pattern.

    2. Position the cut out pattern on your colored glass. Trace around pattern with a permanent marker. Generously apply beeswax or Chap Stick over the marks

    3. Using a glass saw cautiously cut the pattern. Be sure to cut on the lines to achieve a smooth design.

    4. Scrub piece with soap and water or used glass cleaner. Dry the piece thoroughly.

    5. Arrange pieces on the shelf inside the kiln. Place some fiber paper under some of the pieces to add depth and dimension to your design. Hold glass by the edge to avoid fingerprints.

    6. Close the kiln lid or door. Turn on the kiln. These pieces are little enough to allow them to fire up as quickly as possible.

    7. Begin looking and observing the project at approximately 1325 degrees Fahrenheit. Always wear glasses with IR and UV protection while observing and looking at anything within an active kiln.

    8. Once you notice that the pieces have heated to the appearance you desire, switch off and disconnect kiln. If the kiln is made-up of dense fire bricks, you will be able to allow it to cool down on its own. If the oven is manufactured with ceramic fiber, leave the kiln on and watch that it does not cool down more than approximately 300 degrees Fahrenheit per hour.

    9. Once the temperature gauge reads below 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the unit may be opened.

    This fused glass Christmas ornament is symbolic of all the tenderest emotions that make Christmas the most special time of the year. These fused glass Christmas decorations can be used to decorate any attire during the holiday season. They would make fabulous Christmas gifts.

    Wear this fused glass Christmas decoration on your favorite sweater and enhance the spirit of Christmas. Send a fused glass Poinsettia to loved ones near or far and share the joyfulness of this Christmas season.

    For even more fused glass designs, please visit the Fused Glass Christmas page. There are links to even more projects that can be done for the Christmas season.

    Poinsettia Pattern

    fused glass Christmas decoration

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