Fused Glass Bails

Fused glass bails are a fantastic way to finish off your cabochon pieces.

Bails are used to hang and display fused glass as jewelry.

These tiny jewelry findings need to be placed so that your piece hangs evenly and in an attractive manner.

The type of bail used depends on your desired look for the finished piece.

Glue, fuse, attach or create these to turn your fused glass piece into a wearable piece of art.

Choose one that compliments your individual and unique work.

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There are several types of necklace bails that can be used for this purpose.

Purchase pendant bails, or make them yourself and save some money.

There is not just one type of bail that can be used for your glass jewelry.

Click on the links below to find out more about the different and distinct types of bails

The links below lead to individual pages that will describe in more detail these types of bails and how they can be used to display your fused glass pendants.

Try each method to find which one works best for you, or mix and match them in your creations.

  • Channel Bail – Making a channel in your glass during the fusing process.

  • Charm Jewelry Bails – Purchasing charms and attaching them to your fused glass artwork.

  • Glass Bail - Making or purchasing glass bails to fuse onto a finished piece.

  • Gold or Silver Plated Bails – Purchase bails that can be glued to the finished fused piece.

  • High Temp Wire Bail – Fusing a high temperature wire into your artwork during the firing process.

  • Pinch Bail – Drilling a hole in the fused piece and adding a pinch bail.

  • PMC Bail - Make and design your own bail to encase a fused glass piece using PMC.

  • Rubber Channel Bail – Using a piece of rubber tubing to make bails for your jewelry.

  • Wire Wrapped Bail – Using wire to make a bail for your glass jewelry.
  • Check out each page and try some different ways to turn your fused glass pendants into hanging works of art. These are some really creative ways to display your cabochons.

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