Fused Glass Art Party

" Fused Glass Party? You bet. "

So you are going to host or have someone else host a fused glass art party.

This form of selling your jewelry takes a lot of time and planning if you want a successful and pleasing time for everyone.

Before you begin, you will need a lot of fused glass art work to display.

Make sure that your inventory will support and satisfy your prospective customers.

The kiln formed glass art should be finished and if at all possible packaged so that they look professional.

If they are to be worn as pendants then a bail needs to be attached. You want your fused glass jewelry to shine and be attractive.

They can if your display is pleasing to the eye and attracts your prospective buyers.

Keep this in mind as you prepare for a party. Design a small card that these pieces can be attached to and yet visible and touchable to your customers.

This can be done on your computer or they could be attached to a business card.

Punch a hole in the card, string a piece of chord through the bail and then through the hole on the card.

On the back side of the card, secure the ends of the chord with some tape.

Other pieces can be displayed by purchasing some attractive display stands.

These can be purchased easily on line at places like E-Bay.

They come in a variety of velvet or plastic holders.

Scan around to find the best price for a set that meets your particular needs.

Attach a few pieces on chains or chord necklaces.

Purchase pre-made chains or make your own if you have the time and want to save some extra money.

Ribbons also make beautiful displays of your pieces.

Turn several thin pieces of ribbon into eye-catching necklaces to place your fused pieces on and have a few to sell or give to your buyers.

Add a few mirrors to the table.

Customers love to try on pieces and see how they look.

Mirrors will enable them to see how a piece hangs.

As they try on these pieces, it will encourage others to come over to see how they look and to try on pieces themselves.

Make sure your display is nicely arranged on the table.

You might want to place similar pieces or sets together.

Spread out the pieces so that they don’t look cramped.

The table should be covered with some type of covering.

I purchased some black velvet material from a craft store.

It covered the table completely and additional items are stored underneath.

Initially host your own party and then invite your friends.

Give them an incentive to invite and bring other friends with them.

You might also want to offer a hostess gift if they have a party of their own.

Check out the video below to see my first jewelry party setup.

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