Fuse It Tack Film

Fuse It Tack Film is a liquid adhesive that is manufactured by Kaiser Lee LLC. They have tested this product and have had no adverse affect on their projects. To purchase this product, go to their FuseIt e-Store .They suggest that you shake it thoroughly before usage. It will seep under the glass pieces and secure them into place. This is a fantastic product for usage in adding embellishments to your glass fusing projects.

Just a small drop of the Fuse It as the glue will spread down, around and under the glass. Use sparingly on the glass.Although the glue will dry in about 30-40 minutes, Petra suggests that you allow the glue to dry for a minimum of an hour before firing the glass. It is important that the adhesive dry completely before firing inside the kiln. Before the glue dries completely, the embellishments are still movable if you have a change in design plans.

Petra has done a few videos on YouTube and in this first one you can see her demonstrate how the product is used in her creative design.

Kaiser Lee LLC also sells a fine frit pack that comes with a bottle of the glue. Check out the page on their fine frit pack. In this setting you receive 5 assorted colors of fine frit along with a bottle of the Fuse It Tack Film. Since frit goes along way, they come in 3 ounce containers.This package would be great for doing some frit painting. This could be accomplished by sprinkling frit on your glass and gluing with the adhesive, or by mixing the powder with the glue and applying the mixture to glass.

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