Fuse Cutout Pieces

Have you seen those cute fuse cutout pieces?

These are fantastic to add to other pieces, or use alone as ornaments, jewelry, etc.

If you are wishing to purchase these cutout pieces, there are a few places that carry these.

One place would be Delphi Glass, they refer to them as pre-cut glass designs.

Another place to locate precut designs would be Glass Art Patterns.

Check out the selection, COE desired and cost at each site.

If you see these on any other site and would like to help others find these pieces, please contact me using the contact page.

Precut pieces are manufactured in COE90 or COE96.

With an assortment of shapes and sizes, ranging from small, medium and large, they can be used in numerous tasks.

These cutout pieces have smooth edges, so there is no grinding needed.

Because of the smooth edge and pre-cut shape, they are great for adding to your fusing projects.

When you want to add a shape to your piece, but don't want to cut it yourself, consider using these cutout shapes.

Do a search of these pieces on the internet to find the design that is right for your fusing project.

These are some of the designs:

  • Apple – red, green
  • Blob
  • fuse cutout, pre-cut glass designs, precut glass designs

  • Bumble bee
  • Butterfly
  • Chili pepper
  • Crescent moon
  • Dove
  • Dragonfly
  • Fish
  • Foot
  • Ivy leaves
  • Lady Bug
  • Lightning bolt
  • Maple leaf
  • Pink Awareness Ribbon
  • Seahorse
  • Shell
  • Spiral
  • Stars
  • And for holidays, they have:

  • Easter – crosses, Easter egg
  • Halloween – oblong pumpkin, round pumpkin, witch’s hat, ghost, bat
  • Saint Patrick – shamrock
  • Valentine’s Day – hearts
  • Christmas – Holly leaves, holly wreath, gingerbread men, holly cluster, Christmas stocking, Christmas tree
  • So, what can you make out of these fuse cutout shapes? Well, how vivid is your imagination? With these shapes, you don’t need to add much more in the way of embellishments .

    Add them to your fused projects and slump them into a mold.

    These would make terrific one-of-a-kind plates or platters.

    You can make Christmas ornaments or pins out of the adorable tiny Christmas shapes.

    Add a few trimmings and fuse them to a full or tack fuse in your kiln.

    These pieces can add detail to your fused glass art pieces.

    They are already to go, so just add some imagination and fire away.

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