Free Patterns for Stained Glass

Did you know that there are a ton of Free Patterns for Stained Glass on the internet? These free stained glass patterns are great for using in glass fusing. They can be reduced or enlarged to fit your particular needs, or alter them to fit your envisioned stained glass fusing design.

Stained glass patterns can be used as long as the glass is overlapped, encased with clear glass or placed on a solid background. Since glass pulls up as it is heated to obtain that ¼ inch thickness, you can’t just lay down a pattern and expect the pieces to melt together. Generally overlapping will ruin or distort a pattern, so placing the pieces on a solid background or placing a clear piece of glass over the pieces is the best way to ensure that your details are guaranteed.

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These patterns come in such an array of designs. From the simplest pattern to more intricate designs, there is something for just about every occasion or subject imaginable. Browse around or type in a search in Google if you are looking for a specific subject.

You can also incorporated fused glass into your stained glass projects if desired. The reverse is also true. Glass fusing and stained glass are closely related.

The patterns are for your personal usage and can’t be added to a web site, or distributed without permission from the site owner. Read the information on each page for further instructions.

When doing a search on Google for “Free Stained Glass Patterns” you will find the following on the first page of your search:

  • Alpine Stained Glass
  • Chantal's Stained Glass
  • Free patterns for stained glass
  • Free Stained Glass Patterns
  • Free Stained Glass Patterns Found on the Web
  • OaktreeSG
  • Stained Glass Patterns

  • In just these few free stained glass patterns sites you are sure to find projects that will enhance your fusing experience. You are sure to find something regardless of your particular skill level. For further information or to view a few samples check out the page on Stained Glass Fusing.

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