Firing Dichroic Glass

Firing dichroic glass into your fused glass pieces can add drama and excitement to a piece. Dichroic glass has a dazzling, reflective exterior that can add a stunning touch to any fused glass piece.

It makes outstanding pieces of art or jewelry. Too much dichroic can overpower a piece sometimes. Just a tiny piece of this glass can add more excitement than larger pieces.

When firing the glass don't put dichroic to dichroic. Placing the coated sides of the glass against each other will cause the glass not to fuse together.

Dichroic is a very expensive glass. Tiny pieces that are about tow inches by five inches run around ten dollars. Every tiny scrap can be used, and usually is because of the expense. I use even the tiniest pieces of left over glass to accent other pieces. I have used larger pieces and not gotten the comments that I have with just a little used as an accent on a larger piece of glass. firing dichroic glass Dichroic glass can be used on any type of glass as long as the COEs are the same. Placing it on light or dark pieces of glass can be done. It really seems to stand out best on a darker background, but then is more subtle on lighter backgrounds.

Be sure to use lots of oil when cutting this glass. The coating seems to demand more oil to cut and break the pieces evenly.

Placing the dichroic side up or down is a preference. When firing the dichroic side up, the reflective coating looks rich and has more texture. When fired down, it has a more polished look.

When firing dichroic glass, use your usual firing schedule. It does not require any special treatment or temperature to fire.

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