Fiber Paper Strips For Glass Weaving

Fiber paper strips for glass weaving can be accomplished with just a few supplies. This process will teach you to make a fiber paper weaving mold. These are not as attractive when finished, and have a more abstract look to them.

To complete your fiber paper strips for glass weaving method, you will need to do several firings to achieve the weaving look you desire.

Use your glass fusing log to track your progress. Indicate in your log what temperatures and steps you took so that you can duplicate your results for future firings, or adjust accordingly.

Have fun and take your time.

Supplies needed to do fiber paper strips for glass weaving:

  • Glass
  • Glass cutter
  • Glass cleaner or soap and water
  • Fiber paper that is as thick as your glass
  • Kiln
  • Kiln shelf
  • Kiln paper or wash

    fiber paper strips for glass weaving Determine the size and shape of weave that you wish to obtain. Cut your strips and wash them thoroughly. My strips are approximately ½ inch in width and about 5 inches long.

    You will need to cut your fiber paper into strips. They should be the same width and length as your glass. Place the strips on the prepared kiln shelf. Be sure to allow enough room between the strips for the glass to slump into. Now lay your glass pieces diagonally across the fiber strips.

    fiber paper strips for glass weaving These pieces need to be fired so that the pieces of glass slump into the gaps between the fiber papers. Try to get your slump to go all the way down to the shelf. I fired mine to about 1425 and held them there for about 20 minutes.

    The top side of the fiber paper might stick a little in places, but that is easily removed. Clean and dry all your pieces. Now it is time to star the weaving process.

    fiber paper strips for glass weaving As you can see from my picture, I used four strips on the bottom.

    Place these strips so that the indented side is up. This will be where you place your pieces of glass.

    fiber paper strips for glass weaving Now take the remaining pieces and place them over the flat pieces and between the indented pieces.

    I did this on my kiln shelf so that I didn’t have to move my piece and didn’t need any glue to hold the pieces in place.

    fiber paper strips for glass weaving Now you are going to want to put this back inside your kiln and do a full fuse of the pieces. Ramp up slowly because you are trying to heat up glass that is thicker and has already been fused once.

    This slowly heating will allow these pieces to uniformly reach a hotter temperature.

    Once you have allowed the piece to completely cool, you can slump it into or over a mold.

    I hope this has helped you understand how fiber paper strips for glass weaving can be done.

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