Fiber Paper for Glass Fusing

How can you use fiber paper for glass fusing? Fiber paper has many purposes and usages. It can be used as a shelf protector, to make channels in glass for beads or cabochons.

Fiber paper is different from thin shelf paper. It is thicker and adds texture to your glass when fusing. The fiber paper is porous. Air can circulate, therefore large air bubbles are less likely to form between the glass and the shelf.

Fiber paper has a different texture on each side. Some people don’t like the texture because it is coarse, while others think it adds depth to pieces. Fiber paper is great for dimensional work in glass fusing.

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Handle this product with care. Loose fibers can be harmful if inhaled, so wear a dust mask or use other protective means, like a kiln vent when handling. The fibers can also irritate the skin.

It is a light white color that becomes more fluffy after firing. Unlike thin shelf paper, it can be fired several times before you need to dispose of it. It is recommended that you fire it once to burn off the binder. To accomplish this fire it to about 1400 degrees Fahrenheit.

After you have fired the fiber paper for glass fusing, the paper is a bit brittle and must be handled carefully. With care when handing it, it will last many more firings.

It can be used as a shelf paper, but can also be used for creating jewelry or anywhere that you want a space in a piece of glass. You can cut the fiber paper into thin strips and use it to make holes that go through your glass. This makes it fantastic for making kiln formed beads, bracelets, or for making jewelry pieces. By inserting fiber paper between pieces of glass before fusing, you will make a channel in the piece. After you have the glass has been fused, clean out the fiber paper. This will leave a void in the glass for stringing a chain, link, or rope.

Fiber paper for glass fusing can not be rolled, so use it flat. It can be cut with scissors, a craft knife or punch.

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