Embossing Stamps

Embossing stamps are beginning to pop up all over the internet. These stamps can be purchased in pre-designed shapes, custom made, or make your own. When used, they leave a permanent marking in your glass.

Before using these dies, be sure you have all the right safety equipment. While your kiln is heating up make sure all the items are in place and easily accessible. You should have glasses that have IV and UV protection, high temperature gloves, and an embossing handle to attach the metal die.

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Purchase these dies as designed stamps, custom metal stamps, letter metal stamps, and even metal number stamps. You will also need to purchase an embossing handle for pressing the design.

There are actually embossing dies that have double metal stamps and would require that you purchase an embossing handle with a double design. These are fantastic for mixing and matching your designs. I can’t currently find these on the internet, so I don’t know if they are still offered for purchase.

These metal stamps must be able to withstand the high temperatures of the molten glass. Metals such as copper or stainless steel will work in this situation. They can withstand the heat and will last for a long time. You can purchase pre-made copper dies that come in a nice selection of patterns. J P Glassworks, Inc. is a place on the internet where you can purchase pre-made glass embossing dies. They have pages and pages of unique intricate patterns that can be impressed into your hot glass. Search the various pages to see if there is one that will fit your particular needs.

Custom metal stamps can also be purchased. A & G Engraving and Infinity Stamps offer you the opportunity to have these metal stamps created in your desired pattern. Check out their sites for information on ordering these pieces. Before ordering these dies make sure of what you are purchasing. The stamps need to withstand the heat inside the kiln and the molten glass. Find out if they offer handles for pressing the die into the glass.

To make your own embossing stamp, try twisting a heavy copper wire to your desired look. This will end up looking like a little branding iron. Remember that it needs to have an extension put on it so that you won’t need to reach that far into the kiln.

Check out your local hardware store, such as Home Depot or Lowe's. Purchase metal drawer pulls with designs that are not that deep. These do need to be out of copper. The short screws that come with the drawer pulls will need to have an extension to hold onto during the stamping process.

If just starting out, you might want to first purchase the pre-made designs and then as you become more comfortable with them, try having custom dies made.

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