Elmers Glue

Who didn’t grow up using Elmers glue, with the familiar picture of the cow on the label?

Well, now individuals all over have found that this liquid is fantastic for securing glass elements in place while transporting to the kiln and during the firing process.

Some use the school glue straight from the bottle, while others like to mix it 50/50 with some distilled water.

It only takes a dab to hold glass securely.

Try using a drop the size of a pin head to secure your pieces.

When this material is used in small amounts it will not leave a residue.

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As with most adhesives, it burns off inside the kiln as the temperature rises.

It will not hold items that are placed at awkward positions, as it will burn off before these pieces start to mold together.

Some swear by the white liquid, while others prefer the Elmers blue gel school glue.

It is an individual preference and one that if used you will have to determine which one works best for your particular projects.

Purchase the blue gel from Office Depot or any other store that sells this brand.

Elmers gel glue needs to dry completely before firing.

If not thoroughly dry, the pieces can move and even jump during the process.

Coat the tin side of glass with a 50/50 water/Elmers Glue mixture.

It will dry a little opaque and this coating will allow you to see which side of the glass to fire down.

Besides the school glue and the Elmers gel, some people use Elmers wood glue.

They use this product as a resist when using etching cream and adhering patterns to glass.

The wood glue is a stronger material and will need to be soaked after cutting the glass to remove the entire residue.

It sticks to the pattern and glass and allows you to view what is being cut.

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