Easter Crafts

Easter always seems to mark the beginning of spring for me.

What with the pastel subtle colors, the nests of artificial colored plastic grass, and the striking white lilies.

It is like the earth is awakening from the harsh frigid winter as tiny green leaves begin to sprout and flowers emerge gracefully on once barren plants.

This particular holiday always falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox.

It is based on the lunar calendar that the Hebrew people used to identify Passover, consequently it moves around on the Roman calendar that we use today.

Time to awaken your creative juices and make some spring crafts.

This page will list some pin ideas for you to make for this holiday.

Create some fanciful pins that can adorn you, your family or friends.

You can use coloring books for ideas on other items you might want to make and design.

Just adjust the design to your desired size and cut out the pattern.

For those that don’t have access to a glass saw, there are a few pre-cut designs you could also purchase from Glass Art Patterns.

They have a few different cross designs and an egg that you can decorate.

These pieces are about 2 ½ inches, so they would make good size pins.

These patterns and designs do require that you have access to a glass saw.

Some ideas for this springtime holiday would be:

  • Basket Craft

  • Bonnet

  • Carrot Craft

  • Chick and Egg

  • Chicks

  • Chocolate Bunny

  • Cross

  • Duck Egg

  • Duckface

  • Egg Chicken

  • Easter Egg Nest

  • Fancy Egg

  • Funny Bunny

  • Lilium Longiflorum

  • Marshmallow Peeps

  • Peter Cottontail

  • Rabbit Face

  • Fill your basket will these delightful springtime pins and deliver them to your loved ones on the spring holiday.

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