Earth Day

Earth Day is very similar to the World Environment Day. Both days are designed to arouse attentiveness and gratitude to the world around us. Protecting the earth started becoming an issue during the 1960’s when people woke up to the fact that humans were beginning to destroy and cause havoc on the environment.

The first day of Spring in the Northern hemisphere is April 22. It is also the first day of Fall in the Southern hemisphere. This day was chosen to celebrate earth worldwide, and to become aware of how each individual can help save our world.

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Although this celebration has been around for quite a few years making individuals aware of the importance is still necessary. Show your support and help save our Mother Earth for future generations.

This page will show patterns and designs that can be used to create items in junction with your support. Turn the patterns into pins that can be worn on April 22nd or fuse them into gifts to give to friends and family.

Each pattern can be adjusted to fit your particular needs for your projects. They can be enlarged or reduced if the need for different sized projects.

Every year I plan on adding to the list. You will find them listed here in alphabetical order. Click on the links below to go to that particular page where a description of the project can be found. A pattern for each design will be listed as well as directions for achieving the final results.

Alphabetical listings:

  • Earth Banner
  • Heart Earth
  • Heart Tree

  • Plant a Tree

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