Dust Masks

Dust masks don’t add much protection.

Sometimes they are referred to as safety masks or pollen masks.

Their basic purpose is to keep any glass particles or dust from getting into your respiratory system.

They do not provide protection against any toxic substances and are not covered by OSHA regulations.

They are extremely flexible, flimsy and extremely inexpensive.

These masks are made out of a thin white cotton material with a tiny elastic band that goes around your head.

Purchase these at your local hardware store, drug store or dollar store.

They are disposable items, but if made out of a substantial material, they can be use several times before being thrown away.

The first pair I purchased lasted for numerous cutting before being discarded, but the new set that I have purchased are so flimsy that they barely offer any protection at all.

dust masks, safety masks, pollen masks

Place the cotton cup over your nose and mouth and pull the elastic band over your head.

The elastic band is usually worn just above your ears.

The tiny strip of aluminum on the outside across the bridge of the nose can be bent for a custom fit.

Not to be confused with respirators, these offer very little protection.

There are respirators that need to be used for some of the fusing procedures, but, these masks are important in their own rights.

When cutting glass either with a glass cutter or a glass saw, these masks will catch any sprays of fine glass particles and keep them from getting in your nose or mouth.

Discard mask after each use, or if you have purchased the heavier material, they can be used several times before they will need to be disposed of.

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