Dichroic Pendants Drilled

Once you have your dichroic pendants drilled, you are going to want to attach something to it so that you can attach it to a necklace. Drilling your piece and attaching a bail, is a great alternative to gluing on a bail.

When gluing on a bail, the piece is not always stable. Over time, the piece might separate from the bail, causing your piece to shatter to the ground. This seems to be especially true if you are using E6000. If using E6000, be sure to follow the directions and don't use your piece until it is completely set and stable.

Gluing a bail on to a transparent or clear piece distracts from the beauty of the piece. You want your piece to be admired and having a visible bail glued on to the back will distract from your master piece.

So besides a glued bail, what other things can you use to attach this piece to your necklace? There are a few alternatives to put inside your drilled hole.

Jump Rings

Jump rings come in a variety of sizes, or you could make your own. Decide what size jump ring you want. Find a circular object that is the right size, and wrap wire around an object. This could be anything long a circular, like a pen, a dowel, etc. Use an appropriate sized wire. Each wrap around the dowel will make a jump ring. You will want something that is going to be steady and strong. Once you have wire wrapped around your circular object, slip off the wire, and using wire cutters, snip through the coils. This will produce quite a few jump rings in a short amount of time.

Wire Wrap

You can use wire to make your bail. Try using half hard square sterling wire or half hard round wire. You can make a simple bail or use your creative side and make a fancier style. Be sure that you cut any loose wires so you don’t snag your clothing.

dichroic pendants drilled

Pinch Bail

These are especially great for transparent pendants. These have little prongs that fit inside your drilled hole. Once you have squeezed the bail closed, it is securely held between the sides of the pinch bail. Try doing a search of the internet to find the best price for these.

These are a few ways you can attach your piece, once you have your dichroic pendants drilled. Use your imagination and make your piece uniquely yours.

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