Dichroic Coated Paper

Dichroic coated paper is known as DICRO-SLIDE™, dichroic slide, or dichroic paper.

This method is an easy way to add the sparkly of dichroic to any glass fusing project.

It is produced with the same vacuum deposition procedure that is used to put dichroic coatings on glass.

Instead of being attach to glass, the dichroic coating is applied to a binder on a decal paper and then this decal type paper is placed on your glass.

This decal paper has no COE, so it is compatible with all types of glass.

This fact makes it a resourceful embellishment.

You can apply it to even ordinary window glass.

Just like actual Dichroic, this product does not fuse to itself or touching other metals.

Just like standard paper, this product can be cut using scissors or any paper punch.

There are so many neat paper punches on the market now that the possibilities are endless.

If using a paper punch, utilize both the positive and the negative images.

It currently comes in five colors and rainbow:

dichroic coated paper, DICRO-SLIDE™, embellishment

  • Magenta/Green changes to Teal/Blue
  • Blue/Gold changes to Green
  • Cyan/Copper changes to Yellow Gold
  • Clear/Red changes to Burgundy/Dark Red
  • Rainbow stays Rainbow, colors will vary

  • Directions

    1. Cut any design or punch out a design.

    2. Soak the pieces in distilled water about 1 to 2 minutes.

    3. Carefully slide pattern onto clean glass.

    4. Smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles.

    5. Blot with paper towel

    6. Cap the piece with a transparent piece of glass if desired.

    7. Place on prepared kiln shelf in kiln.

    8. Vent kiln lid or door. This is necessary during the burn out phase.

    9. Turn on kiln and fuse according to typical firing schedule.

    Dichroic coated paper is a very user friendly product.

    Now you can have Dichroic glass even with ordinary window glass.

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