Diamond Hand Pads

Diamond hand pads are the most popular type of diamond polishing pads.

This type of hand finishing tool is used when the circumstances call for polishing by hand.

Sanders and grinders are great for cold work on glass, but sometimes the need or preference calls for using pads designed for this purpose.

The pads come in an array of grit sizes that are indicated by the color of the pad.

They consist of a layer of flexible artificial diamonds that are glued on to a rigid foam base.

The foam base makes it convenient when desiring to use the pad wet.

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Polishing pads can be purchased separately or in sets.

The higher the grit number the finer the polishing effect.

Start with a very coarse lower grit around 70 for a rough grinding and proceed with various other grades until finishing the process with a higher grit around 600 for a fine satin sheen.

Sanding with polishing pads, a grinder or even a saw puts scratches on the glass surface.

Even using finer grits makes scratches.

They may be smaller, but they are still there.

The pieces will need to be put back into the kiln for a fire polish.

Keep the pieces submerged in water until you have an opportunity to clean them well.

Water isn’t necessary to protect the pads or the glass for that matter.

Hand polishing will not provide enough heat to damage either one.

But, this lubrication does help to keep down the dust and prevent the dust from sticking to the glass and the diamonds on the pads.

Whether you are using the pads wet or dry, it is important to wear a face mask.

The main manufacturers are 3M, Glastar and Abrasive Technology.

On the internet there are also other smaller companies that make these pads.

Determine the ones that are most cost effective for your particular needs.

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