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If you are familiar with any type of glass craft then you know Delphi Stained Glass. They are world-wide distributors of glass supplies. Delphi Glass has been around since 1972. Their fabulous customer service and fantastic products makes them one of the most popular places to purchase fused glass supplies.

Art glass supplies can be expensive and if you keep an eye on their website, you will notice that they are constantly placing vital items on sale. Since they ship world-wide this makes shopping not only convenient but affordable.

Delphi Glass

They offer over 30,000 art supplies out of their Lansing, MI retail store and distribution center. Supplies and materials are not the only items offered by this helpful company. Classes and workshops are also presented on a regular basis. The website also provides projects with instructions and a list of suggested materials.

They have also been adding educational videos on YouTube. Subscribe to their channel to keep up to date on the latest submissions.

Delphi has a glass matching service. Their expert glass consultants will match your glass sample to ensure that you are purchasing the right product. This service can even include finding glass to harmonize with a particular fabric or wall paper.

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They started out helping individuals make their own stained glass. Soon that expanded into supporting other glass art forms. Now they are giving back to the community as they give a percentage of the profits to art glass educators.

Their slogan “Delphi makes it Easy” is right on, because they do! From their tremendous customer service to their outstanding products, they follow through and assist wherever possible.

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