Decorating Christmas Ornaments

Spicy Gingerbread Man

Who doesn’t enjoy decorating Christmas ornaments?

Traditionally, gingerbread cookies are decked with snow white icing and plump juicy raisins for the features, but with these fused glass ornaments.

Feel free to let your imagination run wild with other decorations such as white Glassline paint, red dots, colored frit sprinkles, etc.

Although they won’t fill your home with the fragrant scents of ground ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves, they will look good enough to eat!

What would Christmas baking be without a batch of spicy gingerbread men?

This terrific fused glass Christmas decoration is uncomplicated and enjoyable to make.

The simple pattern is quick and easy to follow, or purchase some pre-cut forms .

Then decorate these pieces and fire them up in your kiln.

Decorating Christmas Ornaments

Materials List:

  • Pattern
  • Card stock
  • Permanent marker
  • Beeswax or Chap Stick
  • Brown or tan glass
  • Glassline paints
  • Frit, stringers, etc (optional)
  • Glass saw
  • Glass cleaner
  • Prepared kiln shelf
  • Kiln
  • Glasses with IR and UV protection
  • Two part Epoxy (optional)
  • Pin back (optional)

  • Decorating Christmas Ornaments

    1. Print the pattern on cardstock and cut out the figure with a pair of scissors.

    2. Position the form on brown colored glass. Now draw close to it with a permanent marker. Generously put on beeswax or Chap Stick over the marks. This will keep your drawing from vanishing while cutting it out with the saw.

    3. Cautiously cut the pattern using a glass saw. Make certain to cut on the lines to attain a skillful smooth figure.

    4. Applying some warm water and soap scrub your piece. Glass cleanser can be utilized rather than the soap and water. Dry the piece.

    5. Place the piece on the kiln shelf. Hold each piece by the edge of the glass to avoid dirty fingerprints. These pieces can be enhanced using Glassline paints, or add some frit or stringers.

    6. Close the kiln lid and turn on the unit. These art objects are little enough to permit the bits to fire up as quickly as possible.

    7. Begin checking the pieces at approximately 1325 degrees Fahrenheit. Always put on glasses with IR and UV protection while looking at anything within a red-hot burning kiln.

    8. When you find that the pieces have heated to the sought after appearance, switch off and disconnect the kiln. If the kiln is fabricated with dense fire bricks, you will be able to permit it to cool down naturally. If the unit is manufactured with ceramic fiber, you will be required to leave the kiln on and supervise the cooling down process so that it does not surpass 300 degrees Fahrenheit per hour.

    9. The unit may be opened when the temperature has reached a temperature of beneath 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

    These pieces can be made into pins by adding a pin back attached with two part Epoxy.

    They could also be fuse onto a pocket vase, or into a plate or bowl.

    I like to make my pieces have a little whimsy about them.

    Before cutting, adjust the pattern to allow your pieces to suffer from a condition known as an “Edible Complex”.

    Make part of the head look like someone took a nice large bite, or take a bite off one of the legs.

    Decorating Christmas ornaments for the holidays is relaxing and a warm tradition.

    Make plenty for all the individuals on you Christmas list…make this a fusing Xmas!

    For even more decorating Christmas ornaments, please visit the Fused Glass Christmas page.

    There you will find links to more patterns and instructions.

    Gingerbread Man Pattern

    Decorating Christmas Ornaments

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