Cutter Oil

Cutter oil is used along with a glass cutter to cut glass for many different purposes.

More recently the glass cutters have a chamber that can be filled with oil, instead of having to dip the cutter in oil for cutting.

Some individuals that use these new cutters still prefer the control of dipping their cutter instead of filling the chamber with oil.

So what type of oil should be used with a glass cutter? Again, it is an individual preference.

Just about any type of oil will work, such as sewing machine oil kerosene, motor oil, stove oil, 3 in 1 oil and lamp oil.

There are also oils that can be purchased specifically for the cutter, and even some that are odorless.

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Whatever oil you choose, it is needed

1. To lubricate the cutting wheel.

2. Preserves the cutter blade.

3. Keep the blade from getting destroyed as it is scratching across glass.

4. It keeps the blades of the cutter turning evenly and smoothly.

5. Free up any shards of glass that could get stuck in the cutter.

6. Prevents shards of glass from flying around.

7. Keeps the score line clean.

If dipping your cutter in oil, choose a small container, like an old empty film canister.

Place a cotton ball inside the container and then fill it about ½ full with the oil.

Dip the cutter into the container and then make your score line.

Re-dip the cutter for each cut.

The container can be closed and sealed after usage and reused again.

The cutters with chambers can be filled by unscrewing the nugget at the end of the devise.

Fill the cutter about 2/3’s full of your desired oil and replace the nugget.

When ready to use the cutter, just loosen the brass cap a little to allow the oil to flow smoothly.

Practice how much to open this nugget until you achieve the desired flow for your cutting needs.

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