Cubic Zirconia

Did you know that you can fuse cubic zirconias into your glass art?

These are man-made structures created to imitate the diamond.

They have a striking sparkle, just like diamonds.

Ok, the sparkle is a bit less than a diamond, but a lot more affordable, and on my budget that is a necessity.

There have actually been cases where trained gemologist thought these were diamonds.

A great place to purchase these is from the on-line shop at COE90 .

They always have them for sale.

Once on the site, do a search for them.

If you want to add just that touch of class to your artwork or jewelry pieces, this is what you want.

They are very simple to add to your fused glass artwork.

Before fusing your glass, drill a hole in the glass and place the stone in the hole.

When the glass is heating up and moving, it will mold around the piece, thus holding it into place permanently.

There is no need to glue these pieces after firing, because they become permanently embedded in the glass during the firing process.

Dichroic art glass jewelry

My preferred method is to cut up pieces of glass and have them overlap, leaving spaces where I can then place the stones.

Again, the glass will move and encase the stone, so that it becomes a permanent part of the finished piece.

Dichroic art glass jewelry

These stones are not “Tested Compatible”, but I have not had any problems in fusing these into my pieces, and neither has the individuals at coe90.

COE90 has also tested their samples without any problems.

These gems can add more sparkle and glimmer to your glass fused art work.

As you can see, I embedded it into some dichroic glass.

Dichroic art glass jewelry

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