Crinkled Dichroic

Crinkled dichroic glass, or also referred to as Crinklized Dichroicâ„¢, is unlike the usual dichroic glass with its smooth finish.

This glass starts out looking just like the regular dichroic, but when fired it crinkles and crystallizes.

The manufacturers indicate that this new coating is made to be left exposed, so that the exaggerated coating is allowed to push upwards as it crinkles, crystallizes and curls.

But this brilliantly colored course texture can be fused with a clear cap or left uncapped, depending on the final look you want to achieve.

When fusing with the coating either exposed or capped with clear glass, the crinkled Dichroic surface crinkles and crystallizes abundantly distributing thousands of these minuscule crystalline-like mirrors upward like tiny peaks that are positioned in different directions.

Each of the minute crystals remain bonded to the surface of the fused glass.

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This new coating from CBS, or Coatings by Sandburg, is made of extremely thick crystal layers that are the key to the effects that are achieved from the fusing process.

These coatings have been studied, developed and tested for over five years and are currently available to glass fusing artists.

This glass has the similar color shifts like other dichroic glass.

It is also labeled like the original dichroic with the first color being the transmitted color and the second color is the reflected color.

For the maximum effects, CBS suggests that the glass is fused to a peak temperature of around 1475 degrees Fahrenheit or even higher.

Not all the colors crinkle the same.

The effect can be dramatically affected by the type of glass that the coating is placed on, the temperature that the piece is fired to and whether or not it is capped with clear glass.

These coating can be ordered on specialty glass or textured glass such as Fibroid, Reed, Ripple and others, but the crinkled effect can be less dramatic.

The coating works best on solid dichroic glass colors.

It is found that the rainbow sheets will produce a more linear crinkling effect than the solid color sheets of glass.

Since this coating cost CBS about three times more than the normal coating.

The cost is higher and if special orders are placed, the coating takes more time to produce.

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