Craft Fair Booth

Getting ready for a craft fair booth takes time and preparation. Your craft fair display will be the first impression on your prospective customers. Most individuals size-up and determine if what they see is pleasing within the first few seconds. Therefore your display needs to be pleasing with a lot of neatly displayed merchandise.

Test your display at a few local small swap meets or craft fairs. They won’t cost you much money to participate and it will give you an idea of what will work and what you can change. Look at other displays and see how shoppers are reacting to the displays. Determine what works and what doesn’t for future displays.

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The booth or general display area is about 8x10 or 10x10. Make sure that your items will fit in this area. Some of the merchandising display items that you will want to do to make your area stand out from all the others:

Cover your table with an attractive cover. This can be a table cloth or large piece of material that will not only cover the table, but the area underneath. Extra supplies can be stored under the table and won’t be seen. This extra area will help to keep your space neat and clean.

Make a sign to display. The sign should be large enough that it can be seen from a distance. Place it so that it can be easily seen. Determine what colors you want, it can be something that stands out and catches attention, or something that is pleasing to the eye.

Make sure your craft display items are accessible. The table should be centered so that shoppers can move freely around and observe all the items. Arrange your merchandise in categories or sets. Make sure the area is not cluttered. Clean up and make sure the table is uncluttered after individuals shop and move things around.

Check the lighting. Make sure that every item is easily visible and that they are placed so that the natural or artificial lighting shows off their beauty.

Be friendly. Don’t try to sell your items; they should be able to do that on their own. Interact with your customers and answer questions.

Take a look at the photo below. You will see that her sign is visible and up high where it won’t interfere with the customers. There are lights on the tent that spotlight her products and the tables are placed so that there is plenty of room for shoppers to move around.

craft fair booth, craft show display, merchandising display, craft display

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