Comb Honey

This comb honey design is not that hard to achieve.

It has the appearance of a honey comb, or honeycomb that was built by sweet little stinging honey bees.

You don’t have to be a honey bee to create this nest.

This mass of round shaped cells can be created in any color of glass.

Take a solid piece of glass and add a few pre-fired clear dots then fire the piece inside a kiln.

I have chosen the color yellow for my base or blank piece and it almost has an appearance of Swiss cheese.

Design a piece out of any color you decide and add item to your piece if desired.

Follow the written directions below, or view the in depth YouTube video that I have created to demonstrate how this technique is accomplished.

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  • Yellow glass
  • Clear dots
  • Glass saw
  • Glass cleaner
  • Kiln
  • Prepared kiln shelf
  • Prepared mold

  • Directions:

    1. Determine what color of glass you are going to use for the project.

    2. Select the mold for slumping the final project into and prepare it with kiln wash.

    3. Make clear glass dots.

    4. Mark glass using mold as a pattern.

    5. Cut glass using a glass saw.

    6. Clean glass and dry the glass with a lint free towel.

    7. Arrange clear dots on glass.

    8. Place on kiln shelf and place shelf into kiln.

    9. Fuse glass to a full fuse.

    10. Anneal the glass.

    11. Bring the piece to room temperature.

    12. Place fused piece of glass on the selected mold.

    13. Place mold and glass on a kiln shelf and place inside kiln.

    14. Bring the piece to a slumping temperature.

    15. Anneal the glass.

    16. Cool to room temperature.

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