Clay Glass DVD

Childhood Creativity Using Glass

clay glass, glass clay, art glass clay, Play Doh

Have you tried clay glass yet?

Don’t know where to begin, how to mix the material, or how it is fired?

Watch along as a variety of glass clay techniques are demonstrated.

In standard glass fusing, there are quite a few limitations, because you are creating with solid pieces of glass.

With glass clay, a lot of these restrictions have been removed.

Soon you will be creating glass fusing objects you only imagined before, and it is really effortless to achieve.

With art clay glass, there aren’t as many narrow boundaries.

Much like creating with silver clay, Play Doh, or polymer clay, glass clay can be molded and formed using your hands or additional items.

It can be used in a thick form, or thinned to make lines and add details.

Revised and refreshed, this medium is new in the fusing market.

Enjoy working with your hands to create unique forms and shapes?

Glass clay is definitely the method for you!

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clay glass, glass clay, art glass clay, Play Doh

Watch as the individual ways to make clay are discussed.

Then detailed information on firing the clay is discussed and reviewed.

After the basic information is discussed, watch as we create and manipulate the clay in some easy and fun ways.

The Clay Glass movie is jammed packed with vital instructions and information on using and manipulating glass clay.

Start the movie by reviewing and understanding some important safety measures.

Then watch as some of the numerous ways you can create this medium are examined and described.

Detailed information is provided on preparing and mixing the clay, and even a discussion on how to fire the clay.

Then the fun begins as many various ways to create and manipulate the clay are discussed and reviewed.

Clay Glass Chapters:

clay glass, glass clay, art glass clay, Play Doh

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 – Safety
  • Chapter 2 – GlasClay
  • Chapter 3 - Steider Studios Glass Medium
  • Chapter 4 - Homemade Clay
  • Chapter 5 – Preparing and Mixing
  • Chapter 6 – Firing
  • Chapter 7 – Enclosed Dichroic Cabochon
  • Chapter 8 – Frosting Tube Method
  • Chapter 9 – Pressing into Molds
  • Chapter 10 – Freeze and Fuse
  • Chapter 11 – Cutting Tools Method
  • Chapter 12 – Glass Ring
  • Chapter 13 – Making Lines
  • Chapter 14 – Stamping
  • Chapter 15 – Free Form Designs

  • To watch a 30 second demonstration of a few of the projects, view the YouTube video below:

    Your All-inclusive Manual to Glass Clay!

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    clay glass, glass clay, art glass clay, Play Doh

    Have you wanted to add glass clay to your fused glass supplies, but didn’t know where to begin?

    This movie explains everything you need to get started using this clay in your fusing projects.

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    clay glass, glass clay, art glass clay, Play Doh

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