Clay Glass Projects

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Childhood Creativity Using Glass

clay glass projects, glass clay, art glass clay, glasclay

Have you tried adding clay glass projects to your fusing experience?

Well, if you aren’t sure how to use this type of clay, or how to make it at home, then this downloadable movie will assist you with your endeavors.

A lot of creative techniques are demonstrated in this movie.

Glass clay offers an opportunity to make some creative items that would be difficult to achieve with standard glass fusing.

Using solid pieces of glass makes it difficult to achieve curves, lines and some 3-D objects.

Of course, glass is glass and there are certain principles that still apply, but most of the solid glass restrictions have been removed.

Creating with this art glass clay is very much like playing with Play Doh, and soon those projects that you only imagined before can be created and achieved.

Create objects with Glasclay or make your own clay at home.

With glass clay, there aren’t as many tight limitations, so your imagination can soar.

Use your hands or other clay tools to maneuver the material.

If you have ever used silver clay, polymer clay or even childhood Play Doh, you will find this material very user friendly.

Mix it thick for creating solid objects, or thin it to make lines and accents.

Improved and Adjusted, clay glass is one of the newest items in the glass fusing world.

So if you love creating with your hands to form and shape unique designs, glass clay is definitely something you will want to try!

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clay glass projects, glass clay, art glass clay, glasclay

With the movie, you are able to watch as the various ways to make clay are demonstrated and reviewed.

If you want to know how to fire this material, detailed information on firing the clay is also reviewed and discussed.

Once you have all the basics of this clay, the movie continues with some fun and creative ways to manipulate the material.

The Clay Glass downloadable movie is filled with essential information and instructions on creating and manipulating clay glass.

The movie starts out discussing and implementing some very vital safety measures.

The next few chapters review and discuss some of the numerous ways you can create glass clay.

Then it continues on describing how to mix and prepare the clay before firing and then recommended firing schedules are detailed.

Finally, the final chapters show you some techniques that can be used to manipulate the clay and create unique clay glass projects.

Clay Glass Projects Chapters:

clay glass projects, glass clay, art glass clay, glasclay

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 – Safety
  • Chapter 2 – GlasClay
  • Chapter 3 - Steider Studios Glass Medium
  • Chapter 4 - Homemade Clay
  • Chapter 5 – Preparing and Mixing
  • Chapter 6 – Firing
  • Chapter 7 – Enclosed Dichroic Cabochon
  • Chapter 8 – Frosting Tube Method
  • Chapter 9 – Pressing into Molds
  • Chapter 10 – Freeze and Fuse
  • Chapter 11 – Cutting Tools Method
  • Chapter 12 – Glass Ring
  • Chapter 13 – Making Lines
  • Chapter 14 – Stamping
  • Chapter 15 – Free Form Designs

  • So, if you have seen glass clay and wondered how it is made and used in glass fusing, look no more!

    This movie discusses everything you need to begin using glass clay in your fused glass ventures.

    To view a short demonstration of some of the projects, view the YouTube video below:

    Your All-inclusive Manual to Glass Clay!

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    clay glass projects, glass clay, art glass clay, glasclay

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    clay glass projects, glass clay, art glass clay, glasclay

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