Circle Cutters

Ok, let’s talk about circle cutters. These cutters are fantastic for cutting out small or large circles. No more trying to get your edges smooth with a grinder or grossing pliers and you have nice clean edges when you are finished.

There are many various brands and the prices vary tremendously. You might want to check them out and see which one would fit your cutting circle needs. Since there is such a wide selection of these cutters, I will only mention a few of them. For further information or to view other products, do a search on the internet.


circle cutters, Inland, Glastar, Silberschnitt

Glastar cutter scores circles from 3 inches to 25 inches in diameter. It can be used to cut borders, rectangles, squares, diamonds and even trapezoids. With this cutter, you can cut strips from ½ to 12 inches wide. I own this brand and it really is easy to use.


The Inland circle/strip cutter is can cut circles or strips. It is designed to be used along with your regular cutter, which fits into the circle cutter. You could also use marking pens, pencils or knives to do patterns. It includes a strip base, circle base, calibrated brass bar, and utility holder.


The Fletcher oval and round cutter will cut circles from 4 ½ inches to 21 inches in diameter. It can also cut ovals. It comes with a suction cup base to hold your piece steady and an eleven inch bar with English/metric measuring scale.


The Lens has what they call the “Easycut Lens Cutter”. It cuts circles from ½ inch to five inches in diameter. This cutter would be great for small projects.


Silberschnitt makes cutters that come in two sizes. The smaller one cuts circles from 2 ½ inches to 15 ¾ inches in diameter, while the larger cutter cuts circles from 2 ½ inches to 23 inches in diameter. It has a plastic base and a brass lever.

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