Chap Stick for Protecting Marks

Chap stick or Chapstick and bees wax or beeswax are great tools when cutting glass with a glass saw.

They are used to coat marks on glass before cutting out a piece and protect the markings from washing away during the cutting process.

When I started out my glass learning venture the teacher never told us how to protect our marks on the glass.

We would mark a pattern and then cut it out only to lose the marks on the watery grinder, which she didn’t even want us to use.

Cutting glass according to her had to be done by using only a glass cutter to cut the glass and grozing pliers to remove any excessive glass.

chap stick, chapstick, bees wax, beeswax

It wasn’t until much later when I had started using a glass saw that someone informed me that I could actually shield my marks.

This one important tip saved me hours of remarking pieces.

Either one of these materials will work to safeguard marks made on glass.

It only takes a small amount to protect large areas of glass, so use either on sparingly.

If you are going to use Chap stick, be sure to designate this tube for your glass marking needs only.

Either mark the tube or place it in your glass fusing supplies so that it isn’t used for anyone’s lips at a later time.

Any type or brand will work, therefore use an inexpensive brand since it doesn’t make any difference.

Bees wax can be purchased in a small jar that is then used by placing a small amount on your finger tip and then rubbing it on the glass.

Since it only takes a dab to cover the marks, these tiny jars last a long time.


1. Mark your glass using a permanent marker. I generally use a black permanent marker for lighter colored glass and a silver permanent marker for darker colors of glass.

2. Using either Chapstick or beeswax lightly coat the area. Use your finger tip to smooth and spread the material over the marks. Remember a little goes a long way, so use sparingly. The coating is easily seen and even a small amount will shelter the marked area from water.

3. Using a glass saw cut out the pattern that is marked by the permanent marker.

4. Place pieces in water to keep glass wet while cutting more glass.

5. Using soap, water and a scrubby clean off the marks and outside areas of the glass.

6. Rinse the glass in clean water.

7. Dry the glass and inspect to assure all the coating and marks have been removed.

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