Glassline Chalk

Glassline chalk can be used to add a soft, muted look to any piece.

Just like the store purchased white color used on blackboards or sidewalks, this product can be used for drawing and for writing on glass.

It comes in a wide variety of colors and hues that can be purchased individually or in kits.

Layer various colors to blend the hues and create unique shades of color.

Colors can be used to attain a shaded look on glass.

Effortlessly insert elaborate patterns and unique designs into any glass before fusing and sealing the powder into the piece.

chaulk, Glassline chalk, sandblasting, etched

They are compatible with COE 90, COE9 and even float glass.

It must be fired to cure the piece and keep the design from being removed from the piece.

Use them on the top or bottom surfaces of glass.

They are lead free and food safe.

Each stick is 3/8 inches round by 3 inches long.

There is preparation that needs to be done before the final results can be accomplished.

Adding a texture to the glass will provide tooth for the powder to stick.

The fine particles won’t grip to the slick surface of glass without some preparation.

Sandblasting glass before using the stick will rough up the entire glass surface.

Some prefer to place the glass on etched glass or tack fuse a piece of glass with clear powder before using the stick.

If applying this product after an initial fusing, remember to fire the piece a little more slowly.

Glassline suggests that the piece be fired to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit, but they can be fired higher or lower depending on the desired results.

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