Ceramic Fiber Insulation

Ceramic fiber insulation is used a lot in glass fusing. This is a refractory material that is made from spun fibers.

The insulation resists the high temperature of a hot kiln, generally up to about 2300º Fahrenheit. It is lightweight with very low thermal conductivity.

This product provides excellent insulation. It comes in many various forms such as ceramic fiber rope, ceramic fiber board, ceramic fiber paper, and ceramic fiber blanket.

ceramic fiber insulation, ceramic fiber rope, ceramic fiber board, ceramic fiber paper

Kiln Insulation

Sometimes kiln insulation is used along with some firebrick to line glass fusing kilns. This ceramic insulating material aids in controlling the temperature inside the kiln. It not only helps save energy, but also provides a uniform temperature. The kiln is also more responsive to all the different temperature changes.

Ceramic Fiber Blanket

These blankets are generally used to place torched items inside as they are coming off of the torch. The insulation protects the hot objects from and cool exposure before being placed inside the kiln for annealing.

Ceramic Fiber Board

Generally used inside the kiln for various purposes. Cut to make shelves, kiln posts, molds, ect. These boards are very versatile and great for creative projects in glass fusing. The most popular brand of these boards are the Kaiser Lee Boards .

Ceramic Fiber Paper

Thicker than kiln shelf paper, this product can be used a few times. It can be cut to any shape and design using ordinary scissors. Used to make spaces in glass pieces, for kiln carving or as an insulation between glass and the kiln shelf.

Ceramic Fiber Rope

Since ceramic fiber rope is circular in nature it is generally used in keeping a space open inside a fused glass piece. It is fantastic to use when making glass bails for your fused pendants.

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