Cellophane Wrapped Candy

These cellophane wrapped candy design just seem to be appropriate for the holiday season. It conjures up images of sugar plum fairies and sweet Christmas candy treats. There are garlands of gum drops, hard candy, sugar plums, and red and white peppermints oozing out of every corner of the season. Christmas and candy just seem to belong together like salt and pepper.

These candies were an idea I have been thinking about doing for a couple of months now. I have some glass candy that I purchased a few years ago, but I think those were made from blown glass. So, I decided I would try to make them out of fused glass.

cellophane wrapped candy, christmas candy, hard candy, sugar plum


  • Candy glass
  • Clear or transparent glass
  • Pattern
  • Glass cleaner of choice
  • Beeswax or Chap Stick
  • Glass saw
  • Fiber Paper
  • Kiln
  • Prepared kiln shelf
  • Protective glasses
  • Two part Epoxy
  • Pin Back

  • Directions

    1. Copy and cut the pattern.

    2. Situate the pieces on the appropriate color glass and copy about the outline with a permanent pen. Liberally coat the markings with beeswax or Chap Stick.

    3. A glass saw is needed to cut the shape. Make a point of cutting close to the line to retain the figure and all the small details.

    4. Clean with soap and soak in clear water or employ glass cleaner to take away all pen marks and scum. Using a lint-free towel, dry all the items.

    5. Position the portions on a prepared kiln ledge and put the shelf inside the unit. At all times grip the glass by the perimeter to avoid fingerprints. 6. Place some fiber paper under the edges of the ends of the clear glass to give it some dimension and depth. Place it in several different places.

    7. Close up the top or door. Turn on the oven.

    8. Watch the fused piece at roughly 1325 degrees Fahrenheit. Whenever gazing at your pieces wear glasses with IR and UV protection.

    9. As soon as the glass has your desired look, switch off and unplug the kiln. If the unit is fabricated with dense fire bricks, you can allow it to cool off on its own. If however it is built with ceramic fiber, the kiln must be left on and checked so that it does not cool down any more than just about 300 degrees Fahrenheit an hour.

    10. Once the pyrometer goes down lower than 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the unit may be opened.

    11. When the project has cooled down to room temperature, you can add a pin back. Using a two part epoxy, adhere the pin back to the glass.

    Cellophane Wrapped Candy Pattern

    cellophane wrapped candy, christmas candy, hard candy, sugar plum

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