Card Board Box Photo Studio

A Card Board Box Photo Studio can be made with a few inexpensive objects. There is no need for flash gear to use this photo studio.

This simple box creates beautiful light and almost impossible to get bad pictures.

You will only be limited to the objects you shoot by the size of your box. The idea behind this technique is having soft even light coming from the sides, top or any combination of the three.

Once created be sure you place this box in a safe area. It won't be very strong and can easily be destroyed or damaged.


• a card board box - no smaller than 12”x12”x12”

• white tissue paper or tracing paper

• two sheets of poster board – one black, one white

• razor or scissors

• tape

• bright lamp

• digital camera

cardboard box studio Tape the bottom of the box securely before making any cuts. Lay the box on its side and cut one side of the box completely out, including the flap. You will want to leaving a little of the cardboard around the edges for stability. You can leave the bottom of the box intact, but it will limit your ability to place the box over objects.

photo studio

Using the razor, cut out windows in three of the other sides of the box. Leave the flaps of these two sides of the box intact. Cut the flap off of the top of the box. These flaps will help with your light control.

The box will become more unstable as you cut more of the sides out. Be careful not to collapse your box while cutting.

photo studio Now apply the tissue or tracing paper around the edges of the box. Tape them securely and check to see that there are no gaps for light to filter through.

This card board box photo studio is a little wobbly and a little unstable. Care needs to be taken to ensure that you don’t crush the box. It is very simple to make, and enables you to take great pictures. You will need at least one source of light, be it a lamp or natural outside lighting.

dichroic pendant

The paper acts as a light reflector all around your glass piece. The poster board can act as a background or to get rid of the reflection on the darker side of your piece. The two flaps block your camera from viewing the side light sources.

You can move the flaps to get the best effect for your project. If your light source is a lamp, it can be moved closer or further away from your box to change the relative light intensity.

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