Canes of Glass

Canes of glass are made by pulling, stretching and sometimes even twisting glass. If twisting the glass, it is referred to as a twisty. Usually these are made using several colors so that an intricate or simple design can be obtained. As with all glass projects that entail heating up the glass, they must all have the same COE for the project to be successful.

A glass cane can be used to create a decorative exclusive design. Sometimes what looks like a very complicated venture can be really quite effortless to achieve using these strings of glass. Added together, they can make items of extraordinary exquisiteness. But in its origin the cane is a very simple thing.

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There are a couple of ways to make a cane. Although they could be made inside a kiln, it would involve working inside a hot kiln and there is limited space to pull and twist the piece.

Furnace Method

Usually these pieces are made by heating up glass inside a furnace. A mass of molten glass is placed on the end of a metal rod and smoothed. The other end of the mass is also attached to a metal rod and the glass is pulled to the desired length.

Torch Method

A glass rod or section of glass is heated in the torch. When the glass becomes molten it is ready. The glass can be pulled using tweezers or another piece of glass.

When the glass has been pulled and twisted it is often referred to as a twistie or twisty. The colors keep their individual hues but the piece takes on the appearance of a candy cane with the swirly stripes. There are various methods for making these. Some are quite simple and others are very complex.

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