For hundreds of years, the faces of cameos have been worn on necklines and lapels. Precious and expensive, these antique gems are usually carved out of stone or shell in such a way that the subject matter emerges from the background. Some of them are carved in coral, agate, onyx and sometimes even gold. The carving of these images dates back to ancient times and became popular during the Victorian era.

Although these silouhuette lady pictures are usually carved and quite detailed, this particular design is layered glass. A darker background is added to help accent the silouhuette image and then all the pieces are fused inside the kiln.

Make this prized possession for Mother’s Day or for any special person in your life. These are durable enough to even pass them on to other generations. They will be a broach heirloom to treasure forever.

cameos, silouhuette, lady picture, broach


  • Pattern
  • Cameo glass
  • Background glass
  • Glass cleaner of choice
  • Chap Stick or Beeswax
  • Glass saw
  • Diamond drill bit
  • Drill
  • Fiber Paper
  • Kiln
  • Prepared kiln shelf
  • Protective glasses
  • Two part Epoxy
  • Pin Back

  • Directions:

    1. Trace and using scissors cut the guide.

    2. Situate the sections on the fitting tint glass and sketch around the shape with a permanent marker. Liberally coat the markings with beeswax or Chap Stick.

    3. A glass saw is needed to cut out the design. Cut close to the outline to retain the form and all the minute details.

    4. Wash with dish soap and bathe in clean water or employ glass cleaner to do away with the design and residue. Dry the objects.

    5. Position the sections on a ready kiln ledge and arrange the shelf within the kiln. At all times grasp the glass by the side to avoid fingerprints.

    6. Close up the lid or access. Switch on the kiln.

    7. Observe the task at around 1325 degrees Fahrenheit. When glimpsing at your pieces wear glasses with IR and UV shield.

    8. As soon as the glass possesses your sought appearance, switch off and disconnect the unit. If the kiln is fabricated with dense fire bricks, you can let it cool down by it’s self. On the other hand if it is assembled with ceramic fiber, the unit must be kept on and checked so that it doesn’t cool off more than just about 300 degrees Fahrenheit per hour.

    9. When the temperature goes down beneath 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the oven can be opened.

    10. As soon as the glass has cooled to room temperature, add a brooch back. Adhere the broach back with a two part epoxy.

    cameos, silouhuette, lady picture, broach

    Use stringers, dots and other matching glass objects to add depth and details to the piece. I have used a tiny piece of scrap dichroic clear glass to add a little necklace to her neck.

    Once the piece has been fired once, you can add a little brown Glassline paint to give the appearance of the piece being an antique broach. Put just a dab on your finger tip and rub the paint around so that it gets into all the creases. Once the Glassline paint has dried, the piece will need to be fired again to make the paint permanent. Be sure to take the piece up slowly for this second firing.

    Cameos Pattern

    cameos, silouhuette, lady picture, broach

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