Some products contain organics or undesired materials that burnout or burn out during firing. When working with these products it is advisable to operate the kiln in a well-ventilated area.

Some of these items would include some thicker fiber materials such as thick fiber paper and some fiber boards. These come with a stiff organic ridigizer that needs to be burned out before usage. Thin fiber paper doesn’t need to have any organic binder burned out. If you fire it before placing your items on the paper it will just turn to a powdery dust and might be unusable.

Fiber Paper

burnout, burn out, fiber, organic binder

These papers come in various thicknesses. They are not to be confused with the thin fiber paper used to protect the kiln shelf. Thicker fiber paper comes stiff with an organic ridigizer. During the initial firing, it turn black and then back to white as the binder burns off. If you choose to reuse the material, it will be less rigid. It is used to make holes in glass or for kiln carving. Glass will not stick to this material, which makes it easy to remove after firing.

Fiber Board

burnout, burn out, fiber, organic binder

There are many different manufacturers of fiber board. It can be used to create reusable molds and kiln shelves. Easy to carve, cut and shape there is no need for any expensive tools. The board might require ridigizer to be added for stability. Some boards are pre-fired and that removes the need to burn off any organic fibers. Kaiser Lee Boards don’t need to be pre-fired. They are vacuum formed small particles unlike the compressed paper of other boards.

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