Bubble Powder

Bubble powder is a fine powder that is placed between two pieces of glass to produce bubbles.

It can be sprinkled or just spooned into place prior to firing the glass inside a kiln.

The powder produces blisters of color that is fixed between two or more pieces of glass.

Remember to be safe and use precaution when handling the fine powder.

Always use surgical gloves and wear a breathing mask to prevent any health hazards.

This is especially important if mixing the product with glass powder.

When finished using the product wash your hands immediately.

Thoroughly clean up any spilled powder.

It comes in an assortment of colors and is compatible with most standard fusing glasses, including float glass, Bullseye, and System 96.

The powder can also be purchased in a clear color that can be mixed with glass powders to create new and unique possibilities.

This powder comes in two types of grades.

Bubble Classic is the finest powder and tends to form large blisters with intense colors.

Boreal Bubble is a coarser granule that produces smaller tiny bubbles that are bright in color.

These grades can be mixed to add more texture to the fused piece.

If you want to try some bubble powder in your projects, it can be purchased from Delphi Glass - Art Glass Tools & Supplies.


Wearing your rubber gloves and face mask, merely spoon or sprinkle the powder onto a base piece of glass.

The base piece of glass can be any preferred color you have chosen for your design.

Cap the base piece with a clear glass and fire the glass to a fusing temperature.

The dimension and amount of blisters will fluctuate depending on the temperature, color, and quantity of the powder that is applied.

Once this piece is fired, it can be slumped into a ceramic mold, or further enhanced to your preference.

If slumping your piece, it is advisable to choose a shallow mold for this purpose.

The blisters can fracture if they are slumped too deeply.

Incredible and unique designs and pieces can be produced using this material.

Use it to create objects from pendants to dishes.

This is an enjoyable way to create one-of-a-kind pieces of fused glass art.

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