Broken Glass Art

Broken glass art is very detailed and textured pieces of fused glass.

Try using old windows, or broken bottles to make some unique and intriguing pieces of broken glass art.

This type of glass is readily available and very cheap.

Remember that you can't mix bottles, so you will need to make your projects out of the same item.

First and foremost remember to always be safe when doing glass fusing.

With broken glass, you always run the risk of injury from the sharp pieces.

Try breaking the glass in a bag to avoid shards flying through the air.

What can you make with broken glass?

Break a bottle and use the pieces to slump into a mold, or make unique one-of-a kind jewelry pieces.

Just Plain Glass

Well, if you don’t want to fuse them together, they can be placed in a tumbler to smooth down the edges.

This process will give the glass a sea glass appearance.

Jewelry can be made out of these broken glass art pieces.

I like to add a few large pieces and then sprinkle the tiny dust particles over the top.

Pieces can be used for mosaic artwork.

The fresh and different designs that can be obtained using glass are endless.

Use coloring books, or free designs you can find on the web to make your pieces.

Fused Broken Glass

But, if you want to fuse the pieces together, there are a few safety precautions to be aware of.

Be sure to take ventilation precautions.

Old windows and broken bottles can contain lead, or produce carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, fluorine, sulfur oxides, chlorine, metal fumes, etc, all of which can be highly toxic.

Take frequent breaks and always use your infrared goggles with looking inside the kiln.

Although you are limited in color when it comes to using broken glass for fusing projects, because you can’t mix your pieces with any other glass, you can make some outstanding pieces.

You are only limited by your imagination in your glass art design.

They can be fused and slumped to make the most textured designs .

Make broken glass soap dishes, platters, wall art, etc.

Skyy Vodka Bottle

broken glass art, glass art design

This piece is made using a Skyy Vodka bottle.

Soak the bottle and remove the label.

In this project, the bottle was smashed with a hammer.

It was placed inside two plastic bags, and smashed inside a trash can.

broken glass art


  • Broken bottle
  • Kiln
  • Kiln shelf
  • Kiln wash
  • Bowl mold

  • 1. Clean the glass with alcohol, glass cleaner, or soap and water, being very cautious with the sharp edges.

    2. Prepare kiln shelf and mold with kiln wash. Allow the wash to dry thoroughly. Use a blow dryer to heat and dry the wash, or allow it to dry naturally.

    3. Place broken pieces on mold. Try using a spoon to scoop up the small pieces and spread them erratically, making sure none of the pieces protruded beyond the edge of the mold.

    4. Place mold on prepared shelf.

    5. Heat kiln slowly at about 500 degrees Fahrenheit per hour. When you reach 1100 degrees Fahrenheit, allow the piece to soak for about 10 minutes. This soaking will allow all the glass to reach the same temperature.

    6. Turn up the heat and increase the temperature as fast as possible until you reach 1400 degrees Fahrenheit.

    7. Soak the piece until you have reached your desired texture and design.

    8. Vent and cool down as fast as possible to 1100 degrees Fahrenheit. This will help with any devitrification problems.

    9. Close kiln and allow the piece to cool down naturally. Unplug the kiln.

    This is just a few examples of broken glass art. These pieces make fantastic conversation pieces, and displays.

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