Homemade Bead Release

Bead release can be used on mandrels to release a bead after being formed with a torch and molten glass.

Allow it to dry completely before placing it between your layers of glass.

It can also be use in the kiln when you use a mandrel between two or more pieces of glass to maintain a hole or space in the glass.

With just a few ingredients, you can make your own bead release at home and save a little money.

Release can be bought from lamp working suppliers, or you can make your own.

The mixture is pretty simple and inexpensive to make.

There are a just a few main ingredients in homemade release.

Kaolin, which is very similar to Kiln Wash, and Aluminum Hydrate seem to be the main ingredients.

bead release, kaolin, alumina hydrate

Alumina hydrate and Kaolin are both sold at pottery supply stores.

It is suggested that you pack the alumina hydrate in a clay pot and fire it to at least 1100 degrees centigrade.

This drives off the water of hydration and changes the physical structure.

Allow it to cool.

Mix it 50/50 with kaolin.

Add water and stir until you have a thick consistency.

This mixture must be stirred before use.

Some people add graphite to the mixture, while others add a little fire clay.

Always use safety measures when mixing these dry ingredients. Wear a dust mask and safety glasses.

Read the material safety data sheet that should accompany both products.

Once the mixture is wet, you don’t need to worry about wearing safety equipment.

Once fired this material turns white in color and can sometimes be a little difficult to remove from the glass.

If you are experiencing this dilemma, then check out the page on Removing Release.

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