Basic Glass Fusing Tools List

There are a lot of items to add to your basic glass fusing tools list.

Once you have read through the list, go back and review how each item is used in the fusing process.

This list does not cover the items you will need for your basic glass cutting techniques, and assumes that those items will be needed and added to this list.

You should already have your basic glass cutting tools and supplies, and as you begin the fusing process.

Add the basic glass fusing tools list to your cutting tools list for all your needed supplies.

First a description of the basic fusing supplies:

basic glass fusing tools list, fusing supplies

  • Dust mask – Fits over your nose and mouth to protect you from breathing in harmful dust, or glass particles.
  • Haik Brush – Used to apply shelf primer to kiln shelves and molds.
  • Glasses With Ir And Uv Protection
  • - These are a must for looking inside the kiln.

  • Kiln Wash – This is a refractory powder that can be mixed with water and painted on kilns, kiln shelves and molds to prevent glass and accidental glaze drips from sticking.
  • Fusing Glue – Used to hold glass pieces in place while transferring them from your work place to the kiln shelf.
  • Fusing gloves - Gloves used to pick up hot glass and for opening up your kiln while it is in the fusing process.
  • Books and/or DVDs - to assist you with learning more techniques.

  • Once you have all of your supplies together, you are ready to try your first piece .

    Some suggested glues to secure your fusing pieces:

  • Watered down Elmer's glue
  • Fuse It Tack Film
  • GlasTac
  • Hotline Fusers Glue
  • Klyr-Fire
  • Unscented Rave, Suave or White Rain hair spray

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