Basic Cutting Supply List

This page will provide you with the tools necessary for a basic cutting supply list.

When starting out you might wonder what tools are necessary to cut and prepare your glass.

A lot of individual start out doing stained glass or other types of glass work before venturing into glass fusing.

If you are one of these individuals then you probably have most of these items.

If you are not sure how to do basic glass cutting, please refer to the glass cutting page for more information.

Of course you will need supplies to be able to cut glass, so here is a list of the basic tools.

First look through the cutting supply list, and then continue reading to see how they are used to accomplish glass cutting.

  • Goggles or Safety glasses - Provide protection for your eyes.
  • Newspaper - Protection for your workspace.
  • Glass - Same COE if used for fusing.

  • Glass Cleaner - Commercial ammonia-free glass cleaning product, vinegar, or soap and water. Use a lint-free towel for drying.
  • Glass cutter - Used to score(scratch) the glass.
  • Cutter oil - A high-viscosity fluid used with a glass cutter. The oil keeps the wheel clean of dust and glass chips, which increases the life of the cutter. I use a film tube with a cotton ball. Then pour turpenoid, an odorless turpentine product, into this container.
  • Grozing pliers - Used for grozing glass. They have small serrated teeth.
  • Breaking pliers – Used like your hands to break off glass at the score line.
  • Running pliers – Used to control the breaking of the glass. They are placed on the edge of the glass and when squeezed the pressure causes the glass to break.
  • Soft shoe brush – Used to clean your work surface after cutting glass.

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