Art Glass Supplies

When looking for art glass supplies there are many things to look for before purchasing.

First and utmost is the cost of the items and whether or not they ship to your particular area.

Delphi Glass is a fantastic place to look for your glass and materials supplier.

They are both large companies that offer not only great prices and shipping but they are both noted for their fantastic customer care.

If you haven't shopped at either of these companies, you don't know what you are missing!

Pages and pages filled with all the items you want and need for your glass fusing experience.

Fused glass supplies can be items that you constantly need more supplies of or items that you purchase once and they last through a period of time.

Whichever is your particular case, I highly recommend either location for all your shopping needs.

CreateForLess is another place to shop if you are looking for other craft related items and some items that can be used on your fused glass art work.

They don't specialize nor do they carry much in the way of glass fusing items.

Fusing items don't always need to be purchased.

You can also make your own supplies, or use household items to assist you in some of your fusing adventures.

Check out the page on Fused Glass Supplies for further information.

Let’s take a look at each at the above individual sites to see what they have to offer.

Delphi Stained Glass

Delphi Glass

What can I say about Delphi Glass ?

I love glass and I love Delphi!

I can’t tell you how many times I have contacted them for assistance and they are ready and willing to help.

If glass is your thing, then Delphi is your place!

They have anything and everything glass related.

Find items from stained glass, glass fusing, mosaic to bead making.

If it is glass related, then Delphi has supplies.

They ship world-wide and the site is simple to maneuver.

On their homepage they also have a search box where you can type in your desired search.

Along the left hand side of the homepage is a listing of the various categories that are glass related.

Either type in your search or go to any specific area to find what you are looking for.

They offer classes and have many helpful videos on YouTube.

There are also directions in numerous subjects that can assist you in starting a particular subject or direct you in how a procedure is performed.

Dick Blick

Known world-wide this art supplier offers items for just about any type of artwork.

From painting to glass Dick Blick has quite a large selection to choose from.

On their home page they offer a search box which can direct you to any keyword or phrase you type into the box.

Sometimes their art glass supplies can be overwhelming because they offer so much to their customers.

This is a fantastic place to shop if you are also interested in crafts that are not related to glass.

Finding other items to add to your shopping cart gives you not only the ease of shopping here, but can save you on shipping costs when order a lot of items from the same place.

Create for Less

Although Create for Less doesn't have much to offer in the way of glass fusing items, they have also been included in this segment.

They are a great place to find all of those miscellaneous art glass supplies at a reasonable price.

If you enjoy dabbling in different crafts and need to purchase supplies then check out Create for Less.

They offer items for sewing, yarn and needle, scrap booking and other craft supplies.

As we all know, there are items that we use in our glass fusing that are not related to glass.

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