Art Glass Cabochons

My favorite item to make in the kiln is art glass cabochons.

These bring out the creative juices inside me and they are so simple to make.

You can make several at a time, and fill up your kiln shelf.

Most of my fused glass jewelery is made using just a tad of dichroic glass, because of its beauty and dazzle.

I save even the tiniest pieces of glass to use as accents or decorations on my fused cabochon.

These pieces have unusual shapes and sizes because they are constructed without a pattern in mind.

There are curves and angles that really add a distinctive quality to any piece.

So taking some scrap glass from my bat project , let’s make pendant.

Fused Cabochon

art glass cabochons, fused glass jewelery, fused cabochon, make pendant, scrap glass


  • Fusible glass
  • Accent pieces of glass
  • Glass cleaner
  • Lint free towel
  • Prepared kiln shelf
  • Kiln
  • Two-part Epoxy or E6000
  • Jewelry bail

  • art glass cabochons, fused glass jewelery, fused cabochon, make pendant, scrap glass

    1. Using soap and water or glass cleaner, clean your glass thoroughly. Dry with a soft lint free towel.

    2. Using scrap pieces of glass, design your pieces. Make sure that your pieces overlap so that they will fuse together.

    3. Add a few accent pieces of glass, like stringers, frit, etc.

    4. Place pieces on prepared kiln shelf. Arrange your pieces, leaving space between each pendant.

    5. Turn on kiln. Since these are small pieces they can be fired quickly. They can be fused to a tack fuse, leaving texture in the piece, or to a full fuse. I prefer to tack fuse my pieces, because I enjoy having the added texture.

    6. Once your pieces are fused to your liking, turn off the kiln. The heat that has been absorbed in the fire bricks will help to cool your pieces slowly.

    7. When the kiln has returned to room temperature and your pieces are cool to the touch, you can remove them from the shelf.

    8. Using two-part Epoxy or E6000 glue, attach a bail to the back of your piece.

    I like to make my fused cabochon pieces in free formed donut shapes, so there is no need for a bail.

    A silk cord can be strung through any of the openings.

    The piece can be turned in various directions, depending on the look you want to attain.

    Each direction can give the piece a diversity of appearance.

    Of course, you don't have to use scrap glass to make a fused cabochon.

    But this demonstration was just to show how even scrap glass can be turned into art glass cabochons.

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