Art Fused Glass Technique

Embossing and Painting Fused Glass

This art fused glass technique involves embossing and painting the section. The piece is first embossed and then once cooled to room temperature, it is painted.

By painting inside the embossed part of the glass, it not only makes the embossing stand out, but adds depth to the piece. Without the paint, the embossing does not stand out as distinctly as it does with the added paint.

Be sure to read the page on embossing for detailed information on this procedure. It does entail wearing protective glasses and gloves when working inside the steaming kiln.

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  • Glass (minimum of two layers)
  • Kiln gloves
  • Eyewear with IR and UV protection
  • Bronze embossing stamp
  • Single embossing handle
  • Heat resistant surface
  • Kiln
  • Prepared Kiln shelf
  • Glass cleaner
  • Lint free towel
  • Vitrea 160 paint
  • Oven
  • Two part Epoxy
  • Pin back or bail
  • Directions:

    1. Before you begin, put the embossing stamp and handle together and set them on the heat resistant surface.

    2. Start with two cut layers of glass. This needs to be a minimum of two layers to have enough thickness to successfully mark and emboss the glass. If the layer is two thin, the tool might actually go through the glass and make a hole in the design.

    3. Place glass inside the kiln on the prepared kiln shelf.

    4. Heat glass to a full fuse.

    5. Wearing eyewear with IR and UV protection and the kiln gloves, turn off the kiln and open the lid.

    6. Emboss the glass by holding the pressing tool and pushing the stamp into the molten glass.

    7. Allow the piece to anneal and cool to room temperature.

    8. Once the piece is cooled, wash the glass to remove any kiln wash or shelf paper residue.

    9. Dry the piece with a lint free towel.

    10. Determine the shade of Vitrea 160 paint and paint the embossed part of the glass. This can be done a couple of ways. You can paint inside the embossing and follow the lines of the design, or paint lightly around the embossing area with a light paint to allow the image to stand out.

    11. Allow the paint to dry for a minimum of 24 hours.

    12. Place inside a cool oven and heat to 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Bake the piece for about 40-45 minutes at this temperature.

    13. Once cooled from the oven, glue or attach a bail or pin with two part Epoxy.

    Embossing is great, but it sometimes all that time and hard work goes unnoticed as the embossing just doesn’t seem to stand out. This art fused glass technique really helps to make the embossed segment of the glass stand out and grab attention.

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