Art Copper Fused Glass

Art copper fused glass, is placing copper in fused glass items. These pieces can be wearable art, platters, vases, wall art, etc.

Sounds new and exciting, right? It is actually an ancient art of fusing glass and metal to make fully-functional art glass pieces. Fused glass and copper is not a new technique.

When copper is used in this manner, it is referred to as an inclusion . An inclusion is any material that is trapped within layers of fused glass. Interesting texture and character can be added to your fused piece by adding inclusions.

Copper is the most frequently used inclusion in glass. As it is fused, the color will change usually to red or black. It comes in several different forms, such as:

Fused glass and copper

  • Wire
  • Foil
  • Leaf
  • Sheets
  • Wire can be used to make designs between the two pieces of glass. It can also be used for hanging your fused glass piece. If use in this manner, part of the wire is encased inside the glass, while a loop of it is left exposed for hanging purposes.

    Foil can be embossed, cut with scissors or punched with a paper punch. These can be made to really personalize your piece of glass.

    Leaf is delicate and can be used as accent pieces inside your glass. Sprinkle them between two layers of glass for a very sophisticated piece of art glass.

    Sheets can be hand cut or punched and then fused between layers of glass. Sheets can be thick and cause bubbles to form in your finished piece.

    Since copper has a different expansion characteristic than glass, you need to be aware of a few items before starting. If the copper is thin, the glass can still expand and contract normally. If the copper is too thick it could cause the glass to crack as it is cooling. Thick copper can also cause bubbles in your fused piece.

    If making a piece that will be used for food consumption, be aware that you can not microwave the piece. It should also be hand washed. Properly anneal your pieces to ensure its lingering and eternal quality.

    Mixing fused glass and copper to make outstanding pieces of jewelry, or fused art work is simple. Art copper fused glass adds dimension and interest to your pieces of work.

    Keeping the Copper Color

    Some individuals do not like the color alteration of the copper during the firing process and want to keep the brilliant copper color. This can be achieved by coating the copper before firing. Some of the items used to coat the wire are, klyr-fire, or borax solutions.

    It has been found that the most reliable method is to paint the wire with clear glass paint. It needs to be a paint that can withstand the high temperature of the kiln, such as Unique Glass Color's clear. (Do a search on the internet for locations)

    This brand is the most desirable paint for this process.

    1. Scrub the copper before applying the paint. This scrubbing process will help the paint stick to the copper.

    2. Apply the paint with an air brush for a more even application.

    3. Once the paint is dry, it can be layered between two or more layers of glass and fired normally. Use a bubble soak to avoid unnecessary bubbles.

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